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2006 Jeep Wrangler Gear Shift Cable Broken Bushing

Well if you read the other Jeep post you would know that the saga continues. About a month after the shifter detent rod broke in the shifter lever, the bushing on the end of the shift cable at the transmission gave out.

It was noted because the shifter could be moved freely and would not go into any gear. I crawled under the Jeep and found that the plastic bushing on the end of the shift cable had broken. Because of this the cable was no longer attached to the shift lever.

The Jeep dealer wanted about $150 dollars for the entire cable. Fat chance.

I went to Advance Auto Parts and picked up a package of generic bushings from the HELP! section. The package name and part number was Dorman 14041. It was about eight dollars. There were five bushings in the package so figured I could not go wrong.

I did find one that fit OK. It was not a factory fit by any means but it has worked for about two months with no problems at all.

Total Cost: $8
Total Time: ~2hours (diagnosis, obtain part and repair)

I hope this helps!


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