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Working at McMurdo Station Antarctica in Winter

No reason to sugar coat it, here it is straight up, no rocks, or neat whatever you want to call it.

Population this winter season is 153. Winter life is good. You get an entire room for yourself. In our case we have two suits next to one another in B207. Each has a sink […]

Transmission Shudder and How to Fix It

The Scenario:

You are cruising along somewhere between 40 and 60 MPH and all of a sudden you feel you car or truck shake badly. It feels like you ran over rumble strips, a washboard, or those divots on the side of the highway. The feeling only lasts two to three seconds and it definitely […]

Should I Get a Second Opinion About My Vehicle Repair Estimate?

The scenario: Your vehicle has been acting weird for two weeks. Hard to start in the morning and runs rough before it warms up. Naturally you take it to a shop and they hit you with a $850 repair estimate. This seems a little steep to you and you are unfamiliar with the shop. You […]

Snowmobile Repair Shop in Antarctica

Yes there is a snowmobile repair shop in Antarctica. Not only are snowmobiles serviced here, there is lots of other equipment that is maintained and repaired at the Mechanical Equipment Center at McMurdo Station on Ross Island in Antarctica. Take a brief tour of the MEC and see what other equipment is serviced for field […]