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Laurance Turner is a veteran in the automotive maintenance and repair field. He has spent over 17 years diagnosing and repairing vehicles. He has gleaned experience from Lincoln-Mercury, BMW, and Hyundai dealerships including performing mechanical work in the Antarctic.

Laurance holds an A.A.S. in Automotive. This degree was obtained from participation in the Ford ASSET program. He is Ford factory trained and certified in over 36 areas of Ford products and is also a Certified BMW technician. Part of this experience has allowed Laurance to serve the role of Lead Technician and Team Leader.

Recently he has had the opportunity to practice his craft outside the United States. His latest experience has allowed him to work at McMurdo Station in Antarctica. For this Laurance has earned the Antarctic Service Medal as well as the one year “Wintered Over” bar.

Additionally Laurance has professional education and experience diagnosing and repairing Hagglund, Pisten Bully, and Tucker Snowcats/groomers; snowmobiles, chainsaws, generators, ice drills, gas powered hand drills, pressure washers, electric/diesel heaters and gasoline heaters.

He has participated and contributed to special environmental projects in the Antarctic requiring collaboration among more than four different departments. Tasks involved were engineering, building, and testing more than one device to achieve the goal and working in remote, isolated areas with limited tooling and resources.

This experience has allowed Laurance to develop the knowledge of others. He has written and produced classroom and hands on training sessions. The ability to think laterally and critically about all aspects of a project as well as the ability to communicate with diverse team members and customers has become a strength of his.

When he is not answering a question about a vehicle or working on them he listens to WHRV 89.5 Public Radio. He also enjoys learning about any subject, sailing with friends, camping, running, and cooking.

Laurance’s purpose is:

to be himself, share knowledge, live to the fullest, always be a student, and put imagination to use.

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