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Working at McMurdo Station Antarctica in Winter

No reason to sugar coat it, here it is straight up, no rocks, or neat whatever you want to call it.

Population this winter season is 153. Winter life is good. You get an entire room for yourself. In our case we have two suits next to one another in B207. Each has a sink […]

Snowmobile Repair Shop in Antarctica

Yes there is a snowmobile repair shop in Antarctica. Not only are snowmobiles serviced here, there is lots of other equipment that is maintained and repaired at the Mechanical Equipment Center at McMurdo Station on Ross Island in Antarctica. Take a brief tour of the MEC and see what other equipment is serviced for field […]

McMurdo Station Antarctica Winterover Grocery Shopping

Both of us were granted one week for R and R before the start of the winter here at McMurdo Station in Antarctica. We spent one whole week in Christchurch, New Zealand.

After being on The Ice for six months, it was awesome to have good food again. We regularly ate McDonald’s, sushi and other […]

Carry On to Antarctica

I have made it back to McMurdo Station, Antarctica for a third and possibly a fourth season. I am working at the Mechanical Equipment Center this upcoming summer. If all goes well I will stay for the winter too.

You might be asking, “What do you take to Antarctica?” The short answer is: Anything you […]

Antarctica… The Third Tour

I’m back in Denver for two days of orientation for my third tour back to McMurdo Station. It will be slightly different for me this time. Instead of working at the Vehicle Maintenance Facility I will be at the Science Support Center.

What does this mean?

In short, I will not be diagnosing and repairing […]