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E34 BMWDoor Lock Microswitch Problems

E34 BMW Door Lock Microswitch Problems

I have a 1990 BMW E34 525i. Lately it has been giving me some grief when it comes to locking and unlocking the doors. I took a closer look and I’ll let you in on what I found the root cause was.

The E34 was in storage for a […]

Wheel Bearing- The Value of Fixing Your Vehicle Yourself

How Replacing the Wheel Bearing On Your Vehicle Yourself Can Save You Money and Net You More Tools

Every now and then a repair such as a noisy wheel bearing may come up on your vehicle and you may question whether or not to to tackle it yourself. Lots of questions about this type of […]

Transmission Shudder and How to Fix It

The Scenario:

You are cruising along somewhere between 40 and 60 MPH and all of a sudden you feel you car or truck shake badly. It feels like you ran over rumble strips, a washboard, or those divots on the side of the highway. The feeling only lasts two to three seconds and it definitely […]

Should I Get a Second Opinion About My Vehicle Repair Estimate?

The scenario: Your vehicle has been acting weird for two weeks. Hard to start in the morning and runs rough before it warms up. Naturally you take it to a shop and they hit you with a $850 repair estimate. This seems a little steep to you and you are unfamiliar with the shop. You […]

1997 Toyota RAV4 Front End Noise

A friend of mine wanted me to look at his mom’s 1997 Toyota RAV4. He wanted it checked out to be sure that she was safe and a general inspection since it had close to 100k on the odometer.

Naturally I took a look at it.

Upon speaking with the owner I found out the […]

2006 Toyota Matrix 1.8l Coolant Leak at Radiator

As if I’m not busy enough, I am constantly reminded that I need to take time for friends and family. I was recently reminded of this situation by my father-in-law.

He is the owner of a 2006 Toyota Matrix 1.8l. For a few months now he said he would notice the warm air from the […]

2006 Jeep Wrangler Gear Shift Cable Broken Bushing

Well if you read the other Jeep post you would know that the saga continues. About a month after the shifter detent rod broke in the shifter lever, the bushing on the end of the shift cable at the transmission gave out.

It was noted because the shifter could be moved freely and would not […]

2006 Jeep Wrangler Will Not Go Into Gear

My wife has a 2006 Jeep Wrangler. She had backed it up into the yard to wash it one day this summer. When she finished and went to move the Jeep forward, the gear shifter would not come out of park. Me being the mechanic and good husband that I am–I took a look at […]