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How To Sell Car Parts Fast

Have you ever wanted to sell a part or accessory for your vehicle fast? This article will tell you how to do just that.

Step 1

Take pictures of the item. Make them clean and crisp. Include the tag or stamp that provides the part number. Take close ups if it is a unique part or if it has blemishes. Being honest about what you have is crucial.

Step 2

List it on eBay AND Craigslist. Give people the option to purchase it locally or from a distance.

Step 3

Search the web for forums that are relevant to make and model the part or parts are compatible with. If people are having a hard time finding this part or are not willing to pay full price, join the forum. Post in that thread where you “saw” the part for sale and include the link to YOUR eBay auction and YOUR Craigslist post.

Step 4

Complete transaction.


Being proactive about selling your parts may help them sell quicker, especially if what you have is rare, discontinued, or collectible.

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