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Equip# Hours: Date: Tech:
Location: Cust: Status:

Ford E350 and F350 Service Schedule for 400 Hour Service

Every 400 service hours

  1. Current service due tag ___________.
  2. Current hour meter reading ____________.
  3. Next service due tag—current hours plus 400 hours) ____________.
  4. Check the neutral safety switch.
  5. Check all the lights, gauges and indicators.
  6. Check/repair the horn.
  7. Check the Mico brake.
  8. Check the fire extinguisher.
  9. Inspect the body for damage. Document on Body Damage Report.
  10. Check all tire pressures and tire and wheel condition.
  11. Lube all door hinges and latches. Check hinges for wear.
  12. Check and lubricate tailgate/Tommygate if equipped and check fluid reservoir.
  13. Check door straps.
  14. Check all grab handles. Tighten or repair as necessary.
  15. Check 110v heaters _______ohms at plug. Individually- Glycol _______ohms, Oil _______ohms, Battery _______ohms, Trans _______ohms
  16. Check glycol level.
  17. Inspect and clean radiator.
  18. Check/replace air filter.
  19. Check power steering fluid level.
  20. Check brake fluid level.
  21. Check all hoses and belts.
  22. Check battery electrolyte level. Clean terminals and posts.
  23. Perform battery load test only if hard start condition exists.
  24. Check transmission fluid level.
  25. Check ball joints and wheel bearings.
  26. Check all steering components, axle seals and knuckle seals.
  27. Check entire vehicle suspension.
  28. Check all brake pads and rotors for wear.
  29. Check all u-joints.
  30. Lube all grease fittings on steering components and driveshaft(s).
  31. Check transmission and brake lines, fittings and accessories for signs of deterioration, leakage, rubbing or chaffing.
  32. Check Front and rear differential gear oil levels.
  33. Check transfer case oil level.
  34. Change engine oil and filter. Old oil comparator reading (+ or –) _________.

If equipped with Mattracks

  1. Check rubber tread for wear.
  2. Check track tension
  3. Check all mounting brackets
  4. Check bearings and seals
  5. Check cushion clamps/cushions
  6. Lubricate all grease fittings.


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