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Honda EM1800, EM2500, EB3500, EB5000 Generators and EW171 Welderator Annual Inspection

  1. Locate appropriate repair manual and review repair history.
  2. Verify presence/install neutral to ground bonding wire.
  3. Inspect fuel tank for contamination—drain and clean if found.
  4. Clean fuel screen and sediment bowl at fuel petcock.
  5. Clean or replace air filter as needed.
  6. Clean carburetor/check carburetor main jet, install sea level jet. Jet #______.
  7. Remove and inspect spark plug—clean or replace as needed.
  8. Engine compression test _______ psi.
  9. Check recoil starter for frayed rope and smooth action.
  10. Cylinder leak-down test _______% if less than 15% continue—if more than 15% determine leak location and repair as parts allow.
  11. Adjust valves.
  12. Remove and inspect generator brushes—replace if out of spec while in holder. (1.8kw & 2.5kw min length 8mm; 3.5kw & 5kw = 5mm; EW171 = 13mm). Negative length ______mm, Positive length ______mm.
  13. Inspect slip rings—clean lightly with emery cloth if needed.
  14. Clean spark arrestor (if installed).
  15. Adjust governor arm per instructions in manual.
  16. Test low oil level switch—no continuity to ground.
  17. Drain engine oil.
  18. Test low oil level switch—continuity to ground.
  19. Fill engine with fresh oil to full mark.
  20. Test low oil level switch—no continuity to ground.
  21. Check machine for broken components—replace as needed.
  22. Check machine for loose nuts and bolts—tighten as needed.
  23. Verify operation of auto idle switch (if present).
  24. Load test generator and adjust to 60 Hz at 60% load.


Spark plug .024-.032 in
Valve clearance EX .008 in
IN .006 in
RPM Low 2,200 (Auto-Throttle equipped only)
High 3,750
Compression 81-120 PSI
Generator fan bolt torque 22 lb-ft


How to Determine 60% Load
Formula- Total watts X percent / volts = Amps drawn at 60% load.


3500 X .60 / 120 = X amps
2100/120 = 17.5 amps
5000 X .60 / 240 = X amps
3000 / 240 = 12.5 amps


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