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Personal Vehicle Maintenance and Repair

Vehicle maintenance and repair are two types of service that your trusted mechanic or shop can provide. What is the difference? Read on to find out more.

Maintenance is what you do to the vehicle to keep it running well and prevent premature failure of components that are designed to wear like tires and brakes. Other components that are designed to need maintenance are the engine, transmission, and suspension. Normal use on these major items and systems will call for scheduled maintenance at mileage or time intervals as set by the manufacturer.

A repair is what you need to do to the vehicle because it has an obvious problem. For example, the engine runs rough, the transmission shifts incorrectly, the check engine light come on, electric windows do not work and so on. A repair is not something that can be planned or scheduled. Repairs that need to be addressed may occur without warning. On the contrary if your mechanic is knowledgeable about the particular vehicle you drive, they may be able to advise you about common items that fail on your type of vehicle with a complete inspection the next time you take your vehicle in for maintenance.

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