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Working at McMurdo Station Antarctica in Winter

No reason to sugar coat it, here it is straight up, no rocks, or neat whatever you want to call it.

  • Population this winter season is 153.
  • Winter life is good. You get an entire room for yourself. In our case we have two suits next to one another in B207. Each has a sink and they are connected by an en suite. If you are in B155 you get your own room and share a community bathroom.
  • My department has MANY pieces of the same type of equipment. It gets incredibly boring doing the same service to the same type of equipment over and over. It may be different in other work centers. See the video of my work center here.
  • The greenhouse is going strong and we do have lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, and sprouts from time to time. Thank goodness there is Burger Bar every Wednesday and every other Sunday and it is free! Some Burger Bar cooks do fun things like Kiwi Burgers, Mexican Burgers, etc. Fried Friday occurs on Karaoke Night– a bunch of fried goodies–mushrooms, fries, stuffed green chilies, cheese sticks, etc.
  • The weather here is fairly good. Cold, but good. Currently (6/7/2012) it is -25.6°F and feels like -48°F. It really does not feel that cold. No real storms have occurred in three months. No major snow drifts anywhere.
  • There are 31 different choices of wine, champagne, and cordials–mostly wine. No hard liquor except at Gallagher’s bar.
  • Regular outdoor activity is hiking, aurora watching or Discovery Hut tours. There was a race/relay race around town a few weeks ago. There were three relay teams and about 20 individuals. It was cold and fun! My team took second place in the relay and each of us won a gift certificate for one free hour of surf lessons and wet suit rental in Christchurch!
  • The 4th of July party was last night. There was human jenga, a dunk booth, several game booths, an auction and carnival food. The Vehicle Maintenance Facility hosts horseshoes once a month. I had unicycle riding lessons today at the Big Gym. FUN! Midwinter dinner is comparable to prom. The nice linens get put out on the tables and the Galley pulls out all the stops.
  • No military personnel winterover.

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